Movement artist 

About Me



I've always had a passion for understanding how the human body can express itself through movement. I remember sneaking into practice sessions whilst studying Choreography just so I could watch aspiring dance students progress and the sheer enjoyment they experienced after an impromptu suddenly becomes the focal point of their whole performance.


These questions have stayed with me and form the framework for my creative practice.

 What makes us move the way we do? 

What is it that impacts the quality of our movement? 

How does this effect our mood?

Through my learning and work at Darlington and then Laban School of Dance, i understood that these questions are impossible to answer without a community around you to support your creativity. I have channeled this into my practice and this has allowed me to support communities across all ages and abilities. Working across these traditional boundaries allows for a  different quality of movement and deepens learning from participants (alongside making for awesome creative routines!).

Yoga is my other passion and has been with me long before I had any formal training. I use it as way to reconnect to myself and rekindle the love for myself and others. Dancing can be quite emotionally draining and it is easy to disconnect with myself! This is especially true if there's a deadline to meet and a sequence to learn. I finally decided to get my teacher training certificate in India in Hatha yoga connecting my body, mind and spirit into my teaching practice.

As a qualified  Hatha yoga and creative dance teacher, I love nothing more than learning with others on how best to draw out individual self expression and connection with each other in my classes.